Welcome to Romo Incentives Group

Romo Incentives Group is a tax incentives consulting firm that helps businesses identify both federal and state tax incentives. Tax incentive programs present tremendous savings opportunities yet receive little publicity. As a result, hundreds of millions of dollars in tax incentives remain unclaimed each year. We determine eligibility for tax incentives at no risk to our clients as our services are performed primarily on a contingent fee basis. Hence, our clients pay nothing until a tax incentive is identified. Most businesses qualify for tax incentives based upon current operational activities and discover significant tax savings without any change to their existing policies and procedures. Additionally, our clients typically claim substantial tax refunds from prior years. With an ongoing relationship, we can help your business minimize its tax liability in both the current year and prospectively. Below summarizes our services in R&D Tax Credit, Employment Incentives, Cost Segregation, and Sales Tax Consulting.


ROMO assists hundreds of clients each year in maximizing tax credit claims by offering a turnkey non-intrusive approach. We begin each engagement with a free consultation and feasibility analysis. If the anticipated benefit warrants moving forward, we then implement a program to conduct the tax credit study. Once the study is completed, we issue a report and claim the tax benefit with refunds or as an offset to a current year tax liability. Our work has a minimal impact on the time and resources of our clients. Lastly, we stand by our work by offering comprehensive audit defense for all tax credit work.

Our experience as former IRS and FTB auditors has served us and our clients well over the past 15 years. We consistently maximize the tax credits available to our clients while ensuring that our studies withstand the scrutiny of examination and audit.

Our studies are primarily conducted on a contingent fee basis. Accordingly, our clients risk nothing by engaging our services. We earn our fees only by identifying and securing tax credits for our clients. We offer a free feasibility analysis, and all of our contingent fee studies include audit defense at no additional cost.